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The main theme of Greeniculture is to promote ethical and efficient farming. Greeniculture has been worked since 2018. We want to make urban farming easier among city dwellers to make this jungle of pollution into greener as well. Greeniculture is to use urban farming technologies to supplement of traditional farming. In many cities with residential buildings, corporate houses, offices etc even though land is scarce and expensive; the roof, indoor free space, Veranda are often left bare and unused. Urban farming on those spaces can make greener use of it.

Greeniculture provides micro farming in and around the house. Community gardening, small scale commercial gardening, institutional gardening are also offered by us. Greeniculture also provides gardening consultancy to help urban gardener, offices and commercial farms.

Most of the urban gardeners have less knowledge about farming, gardening and easy way to care plants. Greeniculture is providing blogs, video contents regarding gardening-agriculture-farming through our web platform. In future, Greeniculture will provide a revolution in the concept of urban gardening.

Greeniculture offers-

Rooftop Farming

Residential Landscaping

Lawn Gardening

Indoor Potted Plants

Vertical Gardening

Industrial Landscaping

Green Corporate House

Green Wedding Management

Gardener Services