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What is Greeniculture?

Greeniculture is a Bangladeshi urban farming and native varieties-related e-commerce company to unfold inexperienced vibes among city dwellers and reach native organic foods, especially from the originating place.

Where is the office location of Greenicultre?

Greeniculture is located at 

Level-11, Medona Tower, 28, Bir Uttam AK Khandaker Rd, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212

What are the services Greeniculture offers?

Greeniculture offers-

Rooftop Farming

Residential Landscaping

Lawn Gardening

 Indoor Potted Plants

Vertical Gardening

Industrial Landscaping

Green Corporate House 

Green Wedding Management

Gardener Services

Benefits of working with us.

If you believe in green philosophy, you are always welcome to cooperate with us. We are working to make our beloved Dhaka city green again and reach the native organic foods to consumers from every corner of Bangladesh.

What has been the role of Greeniculture in developing countries and how has it influenced agricultural production processes and development?

Greeniculture will mirror variable levels of economic and social development. It’s a movement of social responsibilities that saves our town from dwindling its foliage. It’s a movement for property communities.

Are we tending to be organic?

We aren’t certified organic; however, all our products and materials are entirely natural, except for tools and a few pesticides. Greeniculture uses a variety of techniques and organic materials, such as plants, compost, foods, soil, and cocoa palm dirt.

Do we promote plastic?

Greeniculture guarantees to boycott all non-biodegradable products to avoid wasting the environment. Perhaps we tend to use recycled plastic rather than virgin. We tend to take on the responsibility of using recycled plastic, not increasing plastic waste. We’ve got a concept to line up chemical use inventory in the near future.

What have the challenges thrown up?

Our main challenge is the lack of awareness. Most of the city dwellers do not know the advantages of indoor and outdoor agriculture in our city. We tend to buy organic products that remain contaminated with unwanted chemicals and adultery. Individuals still do not trust online e-commerce platforms. 

How will we tend to facilitate individuals in our country?

Greeniculture provides tools, training, services, and organic foods to the doorsteps of town dwellers. Individuals can get most services at a minimum price.

Why do you have to believe Greeniculture?

Greeniculture is a Microsoft-supported initiative, appreciated by CRI, the Ministry of Power and Energy, and the natural resources of the government of Bangladesh. We’ve got robust team members from numerous backgrounds, like agriculture, veterinary medicine, economics, business, design, and IT. We all know the best way to look after a garden or farm. Our team members have the year-spherical expertise of operating in urban farming. We all see agriculture and food quality in the absolute best manner. As we’ve got smart supply support from native variety producers, our internal control team will assure you the most effective organic food product.

Where does one get your materials from?

Greeniculture is devoted to sourcing all our materials from native vendors; the bulk of our stuff comes from Savar.

How many gardens do I want to feed my family?

On average, 4×8′ gardens are going to be enough to feed 1-2 adults throughout the season.

We can not offer time oft, is that a problem?

No, The gardens about grow themselves. Whereas they sometimes need some weeding, harvesting, blighter management, and replanting, going for weeks at a time isn’t a problem. Our gardener can offer you weekly services on demand.

Why do I want a garden on the top side, during a porch or yard?

In our childhood, perhaps most people wrote gardening as our favourite hobby. We tend to grasp tons of advantages concerning agriculture already. If you would like to measure healthy, wish to eat organic recent fruits and vegetables, you must set up a garden of your own.

Why does an office need an indoor plantation?

The benefit of bringing plants in workspaces are well documented. Plants in the office can reduce sick days and stress. To announce a green office, 30% of the workspace should cover up with plants. Every office uses decorated items to make them beautiful. Low light plants with beautifully decorated pots, design can make the office lucrative and fancy.

What is your offer to the Real Estate Company?

We have two out there offers currently.

1. We will set up a rooftop garden with vegetables, fruits, decorated plants on demand.

2. We will set up rooftop gardens on our own cost and offer them a 50% share of the produced organic foods.

How am I billed?

For installations: 50% deposit due at signing of the contract, rest owing on the day of the installation.

Service & Consultancy: It varies based on the project type. 

Vat & Tax are externally included in all the budgets.

The price of plants or materials could fluctuate up to 100% because of the accessibility of plants.

How am I able to pay?

We have not accepted card payment, nonetheless. However, you’ll pay bills transferring funds in a bank account or by Bkash/Rocket.