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Greeniculture is an urban farming and e-commerce solution for endogenous varieties, food and other agro-based produce with a view to creating green vibes among the city dwellers. We aim to initiate a green revolution in the cities of Bangladesh and make a bridge between rural and urban areas this country through providing organic foods, technology and farming materials. We are focusing on homes, restaurants, corporate offices, factories to generate greening project and its rapid dispersal across the country.

We are living in a city which is becoming a jungle of concrete day by day. It is very frustrating for us to see that we have few patches of open spaces in our beloved Dhaka city. While it is apparent that the number of trees in Dhaka city is gradually declining, we must protect the city from further loss of green. We come with a solution to create new green spaces and preserve the existing ones so that we can lead a healthy life and reverse the damages done to our environment over the years. In Dhaka city we have only exist some bare spaces in indoor, outdoor and rooftop etc. We use those micro-spaces to formulate green and create a source of fresh organic foods at home. It also helps our living and working space green and fresh always.

We have many native varieties organic food products across the country. All of these are traditional, unique and fresh. People of Dhaka cities have less chance to find them easily and the quality of the products are a matter of great concern. We promise our customer to give traditional product from the origin. Our products will be launched very soon.


We are offering now:

Rooftop Farming

Residential Landscaping

Lawn Gardening

Indoor Potted Plants

Vertical Gardening

Industrial Landscaping

Green Corporate House

Green Wedding Management

Gardener Services


Please contact us regarding any questions regarding this statement.

Call us: +8801716657956 (9 AM- 10 PM)

Or send us an email: contact@greeniculture.com


Office Location:


H: 239/1, West Manikdi,

Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka- 1206.

This document was last updated on June 11, 2019