Ahmed Imran Halimi

Ahmed Imran Halimi, a challenging social entrepreneur, having motivated himself in urban food production and greening project. From 2018, He co-founded Greeniculture, an urban farming blog to provide quality content to individual urban farmers as well as big firms.

To motivate his entrepreneurial journey, He participated in some business competitions and acceleration programs since 2018. He won Microsoft Young Bangla Summit 2018, sealed the position of top 5 business startup. In a nut shell, Greeniculture secured the top 15 position at BYLC presents Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, one of the top 15 social startups of UNDP presents Youth Co:Lab regional program, Top 5 startups of Global Student Entrepreneurship Competition. Recently He have been earned first runners’ up position at Netherlands based YSI(Youth Sustainable Impact) presents megapreneurs 2.0.


To make entrepreneurship easy to his community, He along with his team mates founded club in their campus, named SAU Entrepreneurship Development Club. He has been ch0osen as the Vice President of the club. Through club, They are developing entrepreneurship skills among agriculturists as well as arranging case study and idea competition.


He is a part-time author, not yet to be a best-selling one. 😛 He wrote stories, poems, reviews, columns and essays since his school life. He won several awards for writings. Some of his writings were published in magazines, books, personal blog and newspapers. He published a co-authored short stories non-fiction in Ekushey Book Fair 2016.

Ahmed is an adventurous traveler. He pull out his time from a tight schedule and go out for travelling. He have been founded tourism society in 2016 and arranged national and bilateral tours. From arranging tour, He gathered experiences over the years and made friendship with lots of new faces.


He have completed Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization course from BASIS Institute of Technology and Management and LinkedIn Learning. He is a mid level WordPress developer. Till today, He have been completed 6 website for his clients.

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