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Greeniculture is an urban farming and e-commerce solution for endogenous varieties, food, and other agro-based produce to create green vibes among the city dwellers. We aim to initiate a green revolution in the cities of Bangladesh and make a bridge between rural and urban areas in this country by providing organic foods, technology, and farming materials.

Greeniculture Store provides both farming materials and farm produces freshly at a convenient price and without hassle. We are delivering farming materials and essential agro produce from our own production and partnered brands.

Greeniculure store offers you don’t experience to eat the contaminated and unhygienic food since we will acquire all the fresh food at your doorstep. Quality assurance is our essential concern. Farming materials and basic food items sold from here are the best quality since we realize that no client can bargain with quality. 

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We Deal With Various Quality Farming Materials & Food Products!